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Welcome to the Henley House family

The Henley House team would like to extend a very warm welcome to the pets and pet-owning community of Heathfield and surrounding areas. Having recently been granted the privilege to encompass Mayfield Vets  into the Henley House family, we wanted to take the opportunity to let you know what we are all about. A team of kind, compassionate and knowledgeable vets and nurses, we are driven by the desire to do what is absolutely in the best interests of our patients. Our ethos is one of teamwork, and we work closely with pet owners who, after all, know their companions inside out. Understanding an animal’s usual behaviours, habits and personality can really inform the treatments that we provide; it is this individual approach that ensures we realise the best outcomes for all things four-legged. And we have time to do so. We are independently owned and therefore don’t feel the pressures of big business. We spend time with clients to understand their needs as well as their pets’; perhaps this is one of the reasons that we were awarded Best Vets in East Sussex as part of the Best UK Vets Awards in 2021 and in the top 25 in the whole UK.

Veterinary science is constantly making great leaps forward, and we are always sure to leap along with it. By investing in skilled people, new technologies and novel treatments, we bring gold standards of care to our patients. Expanding our team by bringing in experienced vets and nurses to work out of the Mayfield  surgery makes us an all-round stronger team. We now have even more heads to put together, and we all benefit from one another’s experiences and interests.

As for the surgery itself, we have invested in some key pieces of equipment which both promote excellent services for pets, and which make pet ownership that bit easier too. A brand-new computer system streamlines just about every aspect of the running of the practice, and not least how clients can interact with us. We know that modern times are busy times and there are commonly not enough hours in the working day; you can now book routine appointments online for your convenience. Every area of the practice, from reception and consulting rooms, to X-ray and the laboratory are now connected via this computer system. With this improved efficiency comes more time to spend actively caring for our patients.

Another area we have invested in is our laboratory capabilities. We can run a vast array of blood and urine tests in-house, reducing waiting times from more than 24 hours (when previously samples had to be sent to external labs), right down to just a few minutes. This has a direct and greatly positive impact on patient care as we are able to accurately diagnose problems and do so quickly. In turn we can provide the most appropriate treatments in a timely fashion, easing the suffering of pets. In fact, the whole surgery is perfectly equipped with digital X-ray (for high quality and super-fast diagnostic images), ultrasound, operating equipment and dental technology, in order that we can provide a full first opinion veterinary service to clients. There really is very little that our team can’t handle both in terms of routine surgeries, illness and in emergency situations. This reduces the requirement to refer patients on to specialists. What results is a joined-up service for clients and pets, with continuity of care, from a familiar team who you will grow to know and trust.

And we don’t just care for pets in times of crisis and emergency, we place emphasis on keeping pets well from the get-go. Whether you’re a member of our Healthy Pet Club (whereby you can enjoy many worthwhile discounts), or you simply provide preventative health care to your pet on a pay as you go basis, we advocate preventing disease and catching problems early. Early diagnosis of issues often means easier and more cost-effective treatment plans. We aim to monitor your pet’s health from birth, right up until the end. We really relish the opportunity to develop life-long working relationships with pets and owners in the interest of animal health and wellbeing.

So, this is us, and we’d love to know more about you and your pets. Please feel free to drop into the surgery to introduce yourselves. There will always be a friendly face and a treat for any pet who walks through our door.