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Pet health club

What is a pet health club?

Our Healthy Pet Club is a perfect opportunity to learn more about your pet and become the best owners possible. The package we offer guides you towards optimum care and provides the best preventative health treatments, as well as a thorough system for monitoring your pet’s health throughout their lives.

How can a pet health club help my pet?

Our Healthy Pet Club provides you with many benefits. These range from 6 monthly check ups with veterinary professionals to thorough preventative health care. We’ll explain each aspect of the plan and how it can benefit you and your pet:

6 monthly check up – What are the benefits?

Having a regular health check up with a veterinary professional helps to keep your pet’s health on track. Many common diseases like arthritis and tooth disease become progressively worse, very slowly. The sooner we can identify these problems, the sooner we can begin treating them and slowing down the rate at which they progress.

The 6 month check-ups help us to understand your pet better. Knowing your pet’s individual quirks helps us to spot any abnormalities quicker too. Bringing your pet to the vets when they are healthy and feeling energised allows your pet to familiarise themselves with their surroundings meaning they are not scared when they arrive at the vets. Animals have very good memories and often remember smells. If they only come to the vets when they are feeling poorly, they may begin to associate the vets with feeling ill and do not feel comfortable when they are in the practice. Making sure pets feel comfortable is a key part in the recovery process so these monthly check ups can play a key role in the long run.

Vaccinations – Why does my pet need them?

We vaccinate our pets against diseases that spread very quickly. Many of the diseases we vaccinate against are fatal. Different pet species need vaccinating against different diseases – the vaccinations that are most strongly recommended are commonly referred to as ‘core’ vaccines, and include Parvovirus, Distemper, Hepatitis and Leptospirosis in dogs, Panleukopenia and Cat Flu in cats, and Myxomatosis and Haemorrhagic Disease in rabbits . Some extra vaccinations may be recommended depending on your pet’s lifestyle.

The vaccinations need boosting at regular intervals in order to keep the immunity to the infection – immunity to disease in animals tends to wane over time, and this means that animals can lose their protection. Our veterinary professionals will keep a close record as to which vaccinations your pet has had and when, so we know exactly when your pet’s next vaccines are due.

Microchips – Why does my pet need one?

It is now illegal to not have your dog microchipped and we strongly recommend having your cats microchipped too. Microchipping greatly increases your chances of being reunited with your pet should they go missing. Every veterinary practice has the ability to scan these microchips and as long as your details are up to date, you will be contacted if your pet is found. Due to the high numbers of stolen pets, this is becoming more and more vital.

Special diet discounts

Diets are becoming more specialist and we can now use diet alone to treat some medical conditions. Our veterinary professionals are able to advise on which specific diet would suit your pet the best.

Discounted dental health treatment

As pets get older, many need dental treatment. We often do not realise our pets need dental treatment until the clinical signs are very severe. These include anorexia, hypersalivation or tooth abscesses forming. Our 6 month health checks should help to prevent your pet’s dental hygiene becoming so severe, providing the relevant treatment plans are followed.

Discounted neutering

We recommend neutering for most pets. Neutering requires a short operation to remove the sexually functioning organs. For females, neutering stops the regular bleeding associated with the oestrus cycle, but also prevents potentially fatal disease such as pyometra, and reduces the risk of breast cancer. Neutering females stops them from becoming pregnant meaning they can roam around with males without you having to worry about them getting pregnant. In males, prostate disease and testicular cancer are virtually eliminated, and there is a lower risk of traffic accidents from “long-distance courtships”!

Sometimes neutering pets can help with behavioural issues – you should discuss this with a behaviourist. On our plan, you get 10% off all neutering protocols.

Regular blood pressure checks – Why does my cat need them?

Cats commonly suffer from increased blood pressure. This can often mask other diseases including kidney disease. Assessing blood pressure and monitoring any changes can help us to catch early kidney disease which improves the chance of a good outcome greatly. Identifying an abnormal blood pressure is important because it can give us a hint that there’s a problem that we need to deal with. Additionally, if your pet requires a dental or a general anaesthetic for a specific reason, the drugs we use might differ in order to minimise the risks of the surgical procedure.

Year-round flea, worm and tick protection – Why is this important?

Pets can catch many different parasites from a myriad of places. Ectoparasites are parasites that live on your pets skin, such as fleas, lice and mites. These can be very itchy. Endoparasites are parasites that live within the body of your pet, particularly worms. These cause symptoms like weight loss, diarrhoea and anaemia. Some parasites act as vectors in transferring other diseases which can be much more sinister. Many of the parasites as well as the diseases that they transfer are zoonotic meaning they can be transferred to humans too. So protecting your pet from these parasites is vital to keep them comfortable and healthy.

Our health plan has been put together by veterinary professionals to provide the best base of optimum care for your pet. For more information, please chat to our reception team who will be more than happy to explain how to join or answer any questions you may have.