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Lockdown Stars

Star of the month: Lockdown Special


Things have been working very differently here at Henley House for the past few months, however we have still seen our fair share of interesting cases. We have two cats to share with you who have both been through some major surgery during lockdown.

Firstly, here is the lovely Boris. He was missing for a few days and returned home with difficulty walking with his back legs and abnormal breathing. We admitted Boris that day to have chest and pelvic xrays to assess the damage from what we suspected was a road traffic accident.

Xrays shown a fractured pelvis and a diaphragmatic hernia which means the diaphragm, which separates the chest cavity from the abdominal cavity, had a hole in it (usually caused by trauma). As you may be able to tell from his xray, some of his abdominal organs (small and large intestine) were in his chest cavity, compressing his lungs which would be causing his abnormal breathing. He had surgery to repair the hole and his organs were moved in to their correct position. He recovered brilliantly. His pelvis was left to heal with pain relief and cage rest. He continues to recover well and has now started to go back outside exploring!



















The second lockdown star is the very handsome Mickey.

Mickeys owners were worried as he was vomiting and not himself… and he does have a habit of eating things he shouldn’t!

He was admitted for further investigation to see what was causing his symptoms.

On xray, his intestines were shown to be ‘plicated’, which means something was causing the intestines to bunch together tightly. Normally this is due to a linear foreign body such as string. The next step was to perform surgery to find the suspected foreign body.

After a thorough exploration, a long piece of thread was found to be the culprit running from the base of his tongue all the way through his intestines to his colon. Several incisions had to be made to safely remove the thread in its entirety.

Mickey has recovered very well and back to his mischievous self.