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Leonard’s Story

Pets are heroes – they’re there for the good times and the hard times and can be a huge source of comfort and stability when we need it most. Of course, they can also test our patience and cause a lot of work by making a mess, but we forgive them because they are worth it!

It’s hard to express how incredibly important our pets are to us as pet owners, and how they can have such a positive influence on our lives, but Mrs Leonard Patmore recently sent us a touching email which highlights exactly how her cat, Leonard, has been a massive help to her in the last few years.

Chris Hall, vet and owner of Henley House:

Mrs Patmore has been a client of Henley House for many years – actually, I first looked after her pets while I was in a previous job in Suffolk. During that time they moved back down to Sussex and said their goodbyes at the surgery.

I moved on in my career and eventually came to take over at Henley House in Uckfield. Shortly after I took over, who should walk through the door but Mrs Patmore – small world!

We receive a hand made Christmas card from Leonard the cat each year, which is eagerly anticipated by the team!

Mrs Patmore’s story:

Our cat, Leonard, gave me so much comfort and peace during my recent breast cancer journey and my ongoing recovery – I think it demonstrates the healing, calming power of our pets and how they seem to instinctively know when we’re unwell.

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in March 2019, after my first routine mammogram. I had surgery followed by 7 rounds of chemotherapy, 4 A&E trips and 20 radiotherapy sessions. I’m cancer free now but have to be on drugs for 10 years.

This is where our gorgeous black panther really helped. We’ve had Leonard (a rescue cat) since 2010. He will be 16 next month but still jumps about like a kitten (when he can be bothered!).

Mrs Patmore's Story

Throughout my illness, he has given me so much love and made me smile even on the darkest days. I used photography to calm myself, taking photos of Leonard when I was well enough. He gave me so many nose bumps and cuddles, and would curl up on my ‘good’ side and often just look straight into my eyes as if he knew I was poorly.

He always seemed to sense when I needed to stroke his soft fur and listen to his purrs. It soothed me and made me feel so grateful to be alive at such a scary time in my life. Leonard didn’t care that I lost all my hair!

Leonard's Hug

I wrote this because I want to portray the remarkable healing and calming that our pets are able to create for us. Oh and Leonard enjoyed getting spoiled and fussed too! My boy had a shaky start in life but I’m so thankful we were able to give him his forever home.

We also know that we couldn’t get better veterinary care than at Henley House, so a huge thank you from me, my husband Julian and of course, Leonard.

We’d love to hear your stories about life with pets, what they mean to you, or maybe even the struggles they have overcome.

Please drop us an email at info@henleyhousevets.co.uk if you would like to share them with us