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The Facilities at Henley House Vets, Uckfield

Our investment in your beloved pets

Since taking over at Henley House, Uckfield in 2006 we have invested heavily in improving and updating the facilities. In January 2019 we finished over 12 months of building and refurbishment to unveil our brand new Uckfield clinic.

We now have a bigger car park, three consulting rooms, a comfortable extended waiting room, a full in-house laboratory, full dental facilities including dental x-ray, two separate operating theatres with heated operating tables and separate cat and dog wards.

The work has taken a long time but we are all really proud of what we have created and look forward to seeing you here soon.

Henley House Vets, Uckfield
Separate cat ward at henley House Vets, Uckfield
Separate dog ward at henley House Vets, Uckfield
Separate cat ward at henley House Vets, Uckfield

Separate Cat / Dog Wards

Our new extension gives us space to have separate wards for dogs and cats at Uckfield. This helps your pets stay calm before their appointment and gives you the peace of mind that your pet’s visit to the vets will be as stress free as possible.

Veterinary Laboratory

Our full in-house laboratory allows us to analyse blood and urine on site, giving us results in minutes which used to sometimes take days.

This allows you to get an answer to what’s causing sickness quicker than ever and helps prevent a delay to treatment which can occur when samples are sent away for analysis.

Veterinary Science - Uckfield

Digital X-Ray

Our modern digital X-ray machine allows rapid accurate radiographic examination of your pet and compact storage for future reference.

It also allows us to email images to experts in various fields when specialist advice is required.


We recommend regular preventative dental care for all your pets. Our dental machine in Uckfield allows us to scale and polish your pet’s teeth just like we have at our dentist.

Dental X-Ray

Our dental x-ray machine allows us to examine the parts of your pets mouth which can be tricky to see through normal examination. This gives us a true 360° picture of what’s happening with your pets teeth before making decisions about treatment.

Pet Dentists Uckfield
Pet Dental X-Ray Uckfield, East Sussex
Pet Dental X-Ray Uckfield, East Sussex
Pet Dental X-Ray Uckfield, East Sussex

K-Laser Treatments

Our K-Laser is the most advanced Class IV laser on the market and helps us to treat wounds, arthritis and other painful conditions.

The treatment is painless and stress free and can significantly improve healing times in wounds.

Operating Theatres

We have two dedicated operating theatres at our clinic in Uckfield, with heated operating tables and full anaesthetic monitoring facilities.

The heated table helps to maintain body temperature during anaesthetic procedures and leads to quicker recovery time for your pet.

State of the art vet operating theatre with anaesthetic monitoring
State of the art vet operating theatre with heated operating table
State of the art vet operating theatre
"Thank you so much for looking after Felix - and for looking after me & giving me the confidence to care for him!"